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Find more success by quickly “reading” clients using face reading techniques.

Face Reading Training for Feng Shui Professionals

Mia Mimica - Face Reading & Coaching

Why learn face reading?

Face reading can help you build better rapport with your clients and tailor your consultation according to your client’s unique needs, values and expectations.

For example, a Fire Element personality will want a very different kind of interior than a Wood or Water Element Personality… knowing this can greatly enhance your client’s experience of you and your service.

Learning how to apply face reading techniques can also deepen your cooperation with your ideal client and attract more of them.

What is face reading?
  • Improve your relationship with your clients
  • Learn how to apply face reading to quickly “read” clients
  • Deepen your cooperation with your ideal clients and attract more of them
  • Generate greater client satisfaction
  • Easily adjust to your client’s needs, by understanding their values and expectations

Mia Mimica

Face reading coach

Growing up Mia learnt a lot about Chinese medicine, Chinese philosophy and facial diagnosis since her parents had studied this ancient knowledge intensely over the years.

Upon finishing her Bachelor degree, Dance and Culture, at the University of Surrey, UK, Mia started a Face Yoga Teacher Training with Savina Atai in Ljubljana, Slovenia which led her into understanding the ancient Chinese knowledge of face reading and Chinese medicine more profoundly.

Studying Chinese face reading and the 5 Elements with Jean Haner in the US and Eric Standop at the Face Reading Academy in Germany has been an incredibly transformational journey for Mia as she became fully aware of her personal patterns, her core life issue and her true calling.

Mia looks forward to guiding you on this journey of discovering your true nature and finding happiness and inner fulfilment.

Mia Mimica - Face Reading & Coaching
Mia Mimica Testimonial
Face reading with Mia really changed the way I see myself, my life patterns, and my ability to take in the signs around me. It was like a journey of looking inward to see who I really am. Mia was so calm and peaceful during the session, so the time flew by.

I highly recommend it to everyone who is in search of learning more about themselves in an internally enriching and mindful way. 

I felt so satisfied, calm, and happy after the session!

Maya D Face Reading

Maja, D.

Success Stories

Calm down young patients more quickly

A dental practice specialised in children in Munich hired me to train them in face reading in order to improve the way they handle children in the clinic.

The problem was that it would take them 30min or more to calm down their young clients in order to be able to do surgery for them.

Now, after the face reading training, they are able to recognise their client’s tendencies, needs, and fears and can calm them down in less than 10min.

Make business decisions more quickly

An investment firm in Munich asked me to train them how to “read” their potential partners or investors, in order to help them make the right decisions in negotiations and business deals.

It would often be nerve-wracking having to decide whether or not the person or investment was the right choice, and it would take them days to make a decision.

Now, with the knowledge of face reading, they are able to recognise and “read” their counterpart and make decisions within a few hours or a day.

Healing the relationship between Mother & Daughter

Jenny came to me for a face-reading session hoping to heal her problematic relationship with her mother who she has not spoken to in the last 7 years.

In the session, we spoke about her mother’s personality traits, imbalances, and weaknesses which were the root cause of her not being able to fully be there for Jenny. Seeing why her mother was acting the way she was, helped Jenny see the bigger picture and understand why her mother acted the way she did. Knowing all this helped Jenny forgive her mother.

A day after the session, Jenny called her mother after 7 years and this is what she said to me:

“My conversation with you inspired me to talk to my mother after 7 years and it was an amazing healing experience.”

Letting go of an ex-boyfriend successfully

Melanie had a face reading session with me because she was struggling to let go of her ex-boyfriend.

In the session itself, Melanie realised how different her needs and expectations in relationships were compared to those of her ex-boyfriend. Their views and values were miles apart and it was very unlikely that they would get each other’s needs met easily. Understanding that helped Melanie accept and respect her ex-boyfriend for who he is and made it easier for her to let him go.

Four weeks later Melanie sent me the following email:

“I really appreciate all the work you have been doing with me. It’s been crucial for what I have been working on in my life to have your insights and intuitive wisdom. I started dating again and started seeing a really nice guy called James. He is a great person and a much better fit for me than Marc. Thank you for your wisdom and perspective!”

There are two ways to learn face reading with Mia:

Option 1

Face Reading & Coaching Session


In-Depth Training

Mia Mimica Testimonial

I really liked the face reading session with Mia! She has made my self-discovery journey so much shorter, because, for topics that I may spend months or years to understand and fully see, Mia was able to see them all and pinpoint the cause to me, which was so valuable and effective! Thank you so much, Mia!

Boja - Face Reading with Mia Mimica

Bojan, D.


Individual Face Reading & Coaching Session

Why should a feng shui professional get a face reading session?

Having a personal face reading session can give you a greater insight into:

  • Who you are and how your clients perceive you.
  • What your personal perception of the world and your clients is.
  • How you communicate with your clients.
  • How you can personally adjust your communication to “reach” your clients and easily adjust your working style to fulfil your client’s needs.

How does it work?

I read your facial features and detect unique patterns in your face and birth date that reveal your talents, true calling, challenges, belief systems, and work preferences.

Using these patterns and individual facial features I can give you answers to any questions you may have or may bring to the session, for instance:

  • Career decisions
  • Finding the right business partner
  • Work-related related questions or problems
  • Decisions you are trying to make
  • Money & finance
  • Clarity with your life purpose

What’s included:

A 60min face reading session on Zoom or in-person.

A personalised set of “to do’s” that you will get at the end of the session and complete over the following 2-4 weeks.

Session can be in English, Croatian or German. 

Price is inclusive of VAT.


What’s the process of a face reading session?


Once you have booked a session you will be asked to send me a set of photos and your date of birth (detailed instructions will be sent via email).


Ideally, but not necessarily you will think of a question/topic that you want to discuss in the session.


In the session itself you will get an in-depth understanding of why things are happening the way they are and what you can do to change and tweak them to reach your desired outcome.


At the end of the session, we will discuss your “to-do’s” or “homework” for the next 2-4 weeks and schedule a follow-up session if it is desired / needed / necessary.

Mia Mimica Testimonial

Mia provides a very holding space wherein I feel very at home and able to just be without any judgement or any feeling that there is going to be criticism.

This makes it very easy to take on board and allow to process all the information.

Tina O.

Tina O.


In-Depth Group Training

Learn how to work with your clients more effectively.

Learning how to apply face reading knowledge is complex and it takes time. Understanding the theory is the first step.

This in-depth online training will help you to deepen your understanding of face reading. There will be many opportunities to practice with examples so you can apply your knowledge in a safe classroom environment. Soon you will be able to accurately use face reading in your profession and daily life.

Module 1: Learn how to recognise combinations of different personalities in your client’s face and what they mean!

Module 2: Learn how to deal with clients with a different personality than you and how to adjust your approach with them successfully!

Module 3: Hands-on training, exercises, and examples of how to apply the acquired knowledge in a real case scenario, i.e. a professional feng shui consultation.

After the in-depth training, you will have concrete tools to use in your daily and professional life to enhance your interpersonal skills, communication and understanding of other people, clients, colleagues, friends, and family

Even if you don’t attend the live sessions, you can watch the replay and submit questions per email, which will be answered in the following module.

What’s included:

Three x 90 min training Thursdays at 7pm on the following dates:

Module 1: 8th September 2022
Module 2: 15th September 2022
Module 3: 22nd September 2022

Price is inclusive of VAT.


Mia Mimica Testimonial

Face reading is amazing! I’ve already seen big results after my first session with Mia.

My interpersonal relationships changed, and my reaction to difficult situations changed. Learning to accept who I am helped me also embrace other people’s differences. This in itself has made life so much easier, at work but also with friends and family.

Ben K.

Ben K.

Frequently Asked Questions About Individual Face Reading & Coaching Sessions

Are the sessions done in person or online?
Face reading sessions are done online via Zoom or in person. I do in-person sessions in Dubrovnik, Croatia. I am also willing to travel to meet you in your city/town, however, additional costs will be added, such as travel and accommodation costs.
What kind of photos and additional information do I need?

Once you booked the session, you will need to send me:

  • 5 Photos (they must be in focus, well-lit, and close-up enough to see all details)
  • 1 Close-up full face, not smiling, with your hair, pulled off the forehead
  • 1 Close-up full face, smiling (hairline does not have to be visible)
  • 1 Profile with hair pulled off the forehead
  • 1 Close up of the right ear
  • 1 Close up of the left ear
  • Your date of birth
Will the session be recorded?
Yes, I will record the session and send you a copy of the audio afterward so you can keep it to listen to again at any time.
Mia Mimica Testimonial

Mia confirmed so many things that we felt about our son Luka but couldn’t put into words.

The face reading session for our son left us feeling inspired, because not only did we feel we understand him better, but it also gave us the possibility to be better parents and friends to him, in so many ways.

Mia redirected my husband and me to focus on the important things, to recognise Lukas’s strengths and weaknesses and to help him express himself in a way that he can grow and learn and unfold his talents in the best possible way.

Maja & Bojan, D.

Maja & Bojan, D.

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